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Hula Hoop Anyone?

Don't miss the amazing photographs and awesome interview with my Hula Hooping friend Helen Orford on The Brit Babes Blog!

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New Review for The Glass Knot

New Review from Carly's Book Reviews just in…

"Happily married to Nick for 10 years, Josh knows that he's found his forever love; but Nick is older, more experienced, and Josh can't help but wonder what it would be like to make love to a woman. They've even talked about it, and Nick has made it clear that he's open to Josh exploring that side of his sexuality. The problem is that Josh isn't interested in sleeping with just any woman; it would need to be someone he felt a connection to... someone special.

Laura has given up on men. After experiencing nothing but loser boyfriends who have given her nothing but heartache, she's spent the last year focusing on her photography business. She'd like to believe that her trusty vibrator is all that she needs to satisfy her, but when Josh Kendal walks out of the water and into her camera's viewfinder, she can't help but dream of what it would be like to spend the night in his sexy embrace.

Josh is equally fascinated by the beautiful woman he caught eyeing him that day, and when their attraction leads to a night of passion, it's more perfect than he ever imagined it could be.

Nick, Josh and Laura quickly learn that you should be careful what you wish for, because that one night changed everything...

THE GLASS KNOT is a passionately written and captivating story that balances explosive sensuality and touching emotions into an entertaining romance that felt like a grown up version of the fairytales of my childhood. I would recommend this well paced and delightful book to readers who are looking to experience a unique story with emotional characters and unexpected plot lines."

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Coming Soon…

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Sunday Snog

This week I have a special Sunday Snog treat - a freebie - Enchanted Submission is free from both Amazon and iTunes and to whet your appetite for this filthy little fairytale, here's a snog…

He swallowed hard and his Adam's apple bobbed beneath his roll neck. "Take it out," he said in a tight voice, raised his glass to his lips and took another deep swallow. "Now.‟
Her heart rate doubled in a second. Her lip licking had worked. She reached for the button of his flies and, as she fiddled, let the sides of her hand brush his penis through his trousers. He was so hard beneath the material, solid concrete, and thick, thicker than any cock she'd ever encountered. She suddenly felt impatient and her fingers fumbled, desperate to get him out, desperate to release the Beast's cock once and for all into her hungry possession.
She ran down the zipper, reached into the warm material and wrapped her fingers around his shaft as near to his balls as possible. She paused and gripped him so tight she could feel his powerful pulse beating in her palm. His body tensed and her own sex trembled. She savoured this moment of grasping him for the first time; of having some semblance of control over his barely harnessed power. 'Now, damn it,' he growled leaning forward, scooping up her mass of hair and laying it over his thighs like curtains until her face was practically hidden from view. 'And then suck on it until I tell you to stop.'
Rapunzel didn‟t need asking twice. She shoved at the material until his burning hot cock sprang out to meet her.
He was as huge as she'd suspected. His long, thick, quite beautiful dick was absolutely in proportion with the rest of his enormous body. But she'd definitely bitten off more than she could chew, literally, because not only would he never fit inside her pussy, she didn't think he'd fit in her mouth either.
Her neck yanked forward as he pulled at her collar snagging her face nearer to the tip of his engorged head. An impatient mutter rumbled from his chest and his shining glans twitched towards her lips. It was then she saw it; the gold ball ring that pierced the underside of his penis, just below the flare. It caught a glitter of light and winked at her as though both teasing and inviting. Her mouth watered; that was just so perfect, the icing on the cake, to feel that ball glide on her tongue, slide inside her pussy, would be a dream come true. A surge of determination rocked through her soul. She would manage to take him ... somehow. She would make this work; wherever he wanted to fuck her she would accommodate him. Of that fact she was resolute.
She poked out her tongue and let it swipe over his slit. Caught the tiny drip of dampness she found there and pulled in his flavour. She pressed it to her palate; masculine and musky, hot and spiced, a sumptuous combination to feed her hunger. She stuck the tip of her tongue back out, held his cock firm and tickled the gold ball piercing his foreskin. His hips jerked in the seat and she was aware of his thighs tensing around her body, squeezing her, holding her. She flicked the cool metal again and then captured it between her teeth and gently tugged. He groaned and the vibrations sent sparks of heated sensations to her breasts, her clit, and everywhere in between; she could't get enough of that metal twinned with flesh so intimately and his reaction to her attentions elicited a delicious tremor deep in her pussy.
She played for a few minutes holding the base of his cock firm, rolling and teasing the piercing then she opened her mouth wide and took in an inch of his hot, satin skin. A deeply expelled breath breezed over her hair and his big hand wrapped around her nape insistently pressing the collar against her neck. She sank further along his shaft, the corners of her mouth stretching to extreme as she went past the piercing and gorged on his chunky width. With her hand, she began to pump at the base in a long gliding movements working him up to her mouth and then pulling her curled fingers down as she treated his head to licks with the flat of her tongue.
She repeated this process over and over again absorbing the tiny trembles shivering through his body as she took him in deep and then teased him shallow.
People would guess what she was doing. Her head bobbing up and down in Beast's lap was a total giveaway. But with her hair hiding the action within the high arms of the bucket seat, she reckoned not many Basement guests would be interested in their semi-public sex show.
Except, of course, Cinderella.

Enchanted Submission is free on Amazon.comAmazon UK and iTunes and it's rockin' the Best Sellers BDSM Erotica chart at #1!

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Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Hello Saturday Spankers, this week I have a FREEBIE for you. My fairytale fantasy Enchanted Submission is free on Amazon, Amazon UK and iTunes and it's sitting high and proud in the charts…

"No," he said, stepping away. He narrowed his eyes and flattened his mouth. "I can see you‟re in need of containing." He pulled her, quite roughly, towards the black semi-circle of raised flooring, her wrists now captured in just one of his enormous hands. "You really don't understand the meaning of the word submission, do you?"
"I …"
"Shh …"  He jabbed a straightened finger against his lips. "I don't want to have to gag you, Rapunzel. I've kinda developed a thing for your mouth." He looked at her lips again, studying them intently. "I think I could become quite obsessed with that part of your body."
A spark of delight popped in her stomach – Beast obsessed with her, how perfect would that be.
But she didn't have time to dwell on that possibility, because he tugged her up onto the platform, positioned her beneath the handcuffs and raised her hands high above her head.

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Still Free!

Enchanted Submission is still free on Amazon.com as well as Amazon UK and iTunes and it's rockin' the Best Sellers BDSM Erotica chart at #1!

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Sweet Secrets by Constance Munday

What will happen when dark secrets threaten a perfect recipe for happiness and newfound love?

Left on her own, Carrie Ann decides it is time to escape her past, empower herself and overcome her confidence issues by turning her secret hobby of erotic cake design into a business. Her world is then turned upside down when she bumps into dynamic and sexy Dominic. Unwittingly, Carrie Ann sows the seeds of disaster from day one, weaving a web of deceit, and before she knows it the lies are multiplying.

As news of her baking brilliance spreads, romance grows. Now, only one thing can ruin their happiness and that is Carrie Ann’s dark deceptions and the battle she is fighting within herself. Will she be strong enough to overcome a past that is set to destroy her dreams for the future and tell Dominic the truth, or will she lose him forever?

Sweet Secrets is available on Kindle, ebook and print from:
and all good book suppliers


The sun warmed Carrie Ann Jude’s face as she glanced through the large plate glass windows of the airport. Planes rose into the sky like silver birds, their metal bodies transporting people all over the world on adventures. She tightened her grip on the straps of her handbag. She had been one of those people embarking on an adventure only two weeks ago, except her journey had not started just with feelings of excitement, but trepidation. She pushed her sunglasses up over her head and took out her paperback to flip through. It was hard to concentrate with so many thoughts dancing in her head.

Carrie Ann was so deep in thought she hadn’t noticed the stunning youth about to sit down beside her. Wanting to be alone and not have anyone invading her space, she’d put her large bag on the chair next to her. Before she could say anything, he’d had his hand on it and, much to her consternation, had dropped it unceremoniously onto the floor. Then, not giving her time to move out of the way, he dumped a considerably weighty backpack on her foot.

“Ouch. Watch it!” she cried out, as he bumped against her, slopping his coffee over her hand. “That was hot.” She angrily snapped her book closed, noticing spots of coffee marking the pages.

“Oh, my God, I’m so sorry. Hi.” He had an American accent. “I ought to have asked if you minded if I sat here, but that’s me.”

She looked up to make a rude retort and found herself glaring into an impossibly green pair of eyes. She flushed. It was so embarrassing to be trapped by his compelling gaze.

“I’m so clumsy, everyone says it.” He held out his hand. “I’m truly sorry. My name’s Dominic, and you are…?”

How could she resist those eyes and his flirtatious expression? Carrie Ann took hold of his proffered hand and shook it unenthusiastically. “Carrie Ann.” What she could only describe as an electrical charge danced up her legs and ended with a pleasant fizz in the tips of her fingers and toes. He was very good-looking and his mop of shaggy blond hair that flopped into his face seemed to remind her of…

“Great.” He flashed her a grin. “I’m sorry. Let me get you another coffee.”

“No thanks, I don’t want one.” She was attempting to be more assertive, but it was harder than she’d thought. Actually, everything was so much harder out in the big wide world as she tried to cut ties to her past. Rommy, her father, so named because when he was younger he’d looked devilishy like a true Romany gypsy, had often criticised her for her submissive stance, which was ridiculous since that was what he’d wanted from her. The thought of him sent a creepy crawly shiver down her spine.

No one should feel like that about their father, but she did and she couldn’t help it. On occasion, she wondered if she would ever be able to get over him, shake loose all the hang-ups and phobias he had given her. It had not been abuse, but he had been good at keeping her under. She realised now she shouldn’t have put up with it for so long, she should have fought more for her independence when she’d had a chance to. But that was easier said than done.

The young guy hefted his bag and again knocked her. The nerve of it. She studied him angrily out of the corner of her eye. She had keen powers of observation—it was another one of the little skills she’d developed from being alone so long. Not having a lot to occupy her, she had become exceedingly observant. His arms were bare and muscular and covered in a frosting of tight blond hair. He also had strong, capable hands. Rommy would have said the man’s thighs were those of a rugby player. She had a thing about blond men, she reflected. Perhaps that was why she was instantly captivated by him. That came as a surprise and an interesting one, since anger and desire had a potent effect on her newly liberated self. It would be hard to be immune to his charms and it might be fun to test her boundaries yet again. She was woefully inexperienced with men. In a way, stepping out into the world was like learning to drive, and shy girls like her had to approach it slowly and cautiously and be prepared for any sudden unexpected turns in the road or emergency stops. She smiled to herself. She might have been confined to the house for years and had no experience of love first-hand, but she was living and breathing and had the same desires other women had.
For some reason she was shamefully hot and crossed her legs. It was utterly ridiculous being affected like this since Dominic was sexy and because of that was the kind of guy who wouldn’t flirt with her, well, not seriously. She tugged her skirt down over her knees. When she glanced up, he was watching her with a wry twist to his lips, as if he found her faintly amusing.

He gestured to the terminal board. “I guess you’re heading back to England.”

“Naturally,” she said. Carrie Ann wondered if she had a sticky label on her forehead, stamped ‘England’.

Nervousness made her feel hysterical. She would much prefer to be left alone with her thoughts, besides which it was distinctly embarrassing to have a man’s leg pressed against hers. He kept staring at her and she self-consciously stroked her lip. Why did he keep peering at her, like that? Besides the invisible label, there was nothing else that could make her seem even remotely interesting…was there?

At that moment a stunning girl strolled by and Dominic sized her up with interest, his gaze rippling up and down her from the tips of the high heels she was tottering in, to her layer-cut, multi-toned hair. Carrie Ann’s spirits sank further. She only had to dissect some of the women around her to realise she was at a distinct disadvantage where flirting was concerned. Let’s face it, she wasn’t even dressed for seduction. She was draped in her shabby comfortable skirt and she hadn’t even bothered with her appearance. As for what Rommy would have rather rudely termed ‘slap’—that was like attempting a recipe that was way out of her comfort zone. She’d only recently ventured down the makeup trail and she still didn’t like wearing it, although that might soon have to change, if her career plans took off. Makeup was weird stuff. It never looked right on her—the eyeshadow she’d tried made her dark brown eyes seem to retreat backwards so they seemed far too small, her freckles overwhelmed her complexion and her riotous mousy curls defied brushes, combs and tongs.

Any makeup she had used, she’d mistakenly plastered on to cover the freckles, and red lipstick—as Myra, the girl she had met at the ranch had pointed out—made her appear garish. Myra had given her a stick of lipstick termed nude and that did help, teamed with a tinted moisturiser. Myra was a brick, she thought grimly, pity she lived halfway across the world in Australia. She was also into baking, which had been a plus. It had been great to actually have a kindred spirit to talk with, to enthuse about her dreams to. Her heart soared and dipped. If anything was guaranteed to lift her spirits, it was the prospect of the new plans waiting for her when she got home.
“I don’t bite.” He touched her.

 She jumped. He was smiling at her and trying to be funny by dipping his head and making puppy dog eyes at her.

She laughed, she couldn’t help it. “No, I guess not.”

He stretched out his long legs, settling back in his chair. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Enjoy what?”

“Your stay over here in the States. What were you doing? Was it business or pleasure?”

She was still guilty that she’d splurged a considerable amount of Rommy’s nestegg on the short holiday. It was the kind of thing her father, with his thrifty ways, would have termed profligate.

“All pleasure. Something trivial actually. I just had the Arlem experience.” She stared him in the eye, seeing if he got it or not. Most people knew about Arlem or they didn’t.

He broke into a grin. “Wow! You’re kidding. The Arlem experience, that’s way cool. I read about it in a Sunday supplement.” Brow creased, he seemed to be thinking.
“But that’s where the weird people go isn’t it? You a teacher? You don’t strike me as weird.”

She felt a short sharp violent stab of indignation. “The people at Arlem are lovely. They specialise in helping people. People with problems.”

“Yeah, but it’s mostly mental problems isn’t it?”

“Not always,” she snapped. Goodness, he had no tact whatsoever. “And no. I’m not a teacher, I was a visitor.”

He shrugged and looked away. It was as if he hadn’t noticed her sharp tone. “I’ve just been to visit my mother,” he explained. “She lives in California and he—my dad—still lives in England. After that ordeal, there were a few things I wanted to stop off and see here before I headed back. I don’t know why I come back to see her because it winds me up so much. Dad’s worse though, so it’s the lesser of two evils. In case you wondered. They’re divorced although it’s a sham since neither of them abide by the rules. They frequently visit one another to have passionate interludes.”

“Really.” Carrie Ann was intrigued, as in her estimation, romantic folk like that only seemed to exist between the pages of novels. “How modern of them. They must like it and be very much in love to be like that. To want the continual spice.”

He didn’t seem to have heard her. “It’s not like a divorce. It’s like playing at a divorce. In fact, I reckon you’re right. They rather like it. It seems to add something to their love life.”

“I think it’s romantic. Fancy still loving a person when you’re half a world apart.”

“Yes. Quaint. A grown-up kind of game. My father’s version of Viagra. I often wonder if that’s why I’m so messed up. It would be hard not to be, with two parents like that.”

Carrie Ann fell silent. Dominic didn’t look messed up. He seemed the most confident and together person she’d met. Besides being wickedly good-looking. Come on. You deserve a slap on the wrist. He’s so young for one thing. Let’s face it, there’s no way on earth a guy like him would ever want to date you.

About Constance Munday

Constance is nearly always to be found with a pencil in her hand making notes for a new story. She has led a varied life and done many jobs from cup washer, lecturer, to new age healer but has always written since she was a child.

A major health scare recently though, made her see life differently, and after years as a part-time writer, she turned full-time, because as she says - life is too short not to do what you love. She has literally climbed a mountain and made many sacrifices to pen her novels and now builds on a fund of wonderful encounters with intriguing people, plus her imagination, to write stories with strong characters and determined and adventurous women.

When asked what kind of genre is her favourite, romance is always the answer because to Constance, romance - whether hot and steamy or sweet and emotional is always at the heart of a good story. She hopes her stories reflect all of life’s facets from the struggling mother at home who finds a way out of poverty, the ardent and often disappointed dieter, to the girl who triumphs over sickness or has the courage to embrace her rather naughty side.

Constance loves listening to snatched conversations, which often gives her a seed to start a story, taking walks, revelling in the mysteries of life and baking and dancing, when she isn’t tapping away at her latest novel, of course.

She loves her fans and their comments, so invites you to please drop a line and if you have a second, pen a review.

And at her Facebook launch party on the 21st July. Come and join the evening fun…

Lily's note…Mmm I adore the What's Her Secret line, and if you like man love check out What's His Passion. I have a novel, Wild Warrior, due out on 10th April 2015!

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