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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Erotic World Book Day #EWBD

Erotic World Book Day is on March 5th - come join the Facebook Party! I'll be there...

What's it all about...

Celebrating great erotic books and writers this World Book Day while raising money for sexual health and wellbeing charity, Brook

Hot book extracts, erotic inspirations and sexy prizes to be won. 

Join the party if you love erotica - it'll all kicking off at 7pm on World Book Day on the Facebook Event Page so you don't even have to leave the house (though there may be prizes for the most glamorous outfit pic posted in the group on the night).

In the meantime, join the Erotic World Book Day group if you write erotica and LIKE the Erotic World Book Day page if you read it, and get involved with what we're doing. It's a collaborative effort - let's come together (feel free to invite your friends) #EWBD

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Caught on Camera - Entire Serial Now Available

Caught on Camera is out now in its entirety and the first part, to get you in the mood for some hot man on man action, is absolutely FREE! All parts are fine as standalone reads but put them all together and they make up one seriously steamy novel!

When I first started writing Caught on Camera I’d just downloaded a new album and became hooked on it. It’s by a band called Imagine Dragons and titled Night Visions. I particularly loved one track called Demons and I played it over and over, it became a real ear-worm for me. Check it out for yourself…


The lyrics and the emotions of Demons resonated within me as I wrote. Caught on Camera is a fun story, it’s about two English guys heading to Las Vegas to make a porn movie called Slippery Slots. It’s hot and steamy and there’s lashings of seriously sexy scenes ranging from a ménage a trois with Dom cowboys to bondage and thrashings in a BDSM club.

But beneath the fun and the wildness the characters, Reece and Cade also have serious sides. The story is told from Reece’s point of view and the reader gets to learn about his demons, the ghosts of his past that lurk in his memory and make him hesitant to fall in love again and above all, trust again. I felt it was essential to give him this angle to his character because as the Demons video shows, everyone has something that they keep a little bit buried and hidden from view. Something that we only show to those we are closest to and understand our vulnerabilities. In Reece’s case he’d been hurt, cheated on, and because he’s not a man who’s fond of one-night stands he’d been alone for a while before he met Cade.

Taking down our walls and allowing someone in is hard to do. It comes with risks but the risks are worth the rewards in a relationship that’s meant to be. It brings people closer, makes a union stronger and can cement a couple for a lifetime. One of the things I enjoyed about writing Caught on Camera was the new memories my two characters were making together. They were having lots of sexy experiences and building on the layers of their attraction in physical and emotional ways. I hope you’ll check out this brand new serial, I adored writing it, from the heart tugging connections between the two men to the heart stopping sex, it was all a rollercoaster of page burning intensity.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sexy as Hell - Special Offer #Amazon #Amazonunlimited #ebook #erotica #bargain #BDSM

The Sexy as Hell Boxed Set is currently at a knock-down discount price of only 99c/99p on Amazon for one week only!

* Please note The Novice (book #1) was previously titled The Virgin but had to be changed after an issue with Amazon *

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - this week a hot treat from Burning Rubber!

Gid glared at the condom as if it were an alien object. “No.”
“Yes,” I said. “Seriously. Put that on your dick or you’re not getting any.”
“You fucking telling me what to do again, blondie?” He lowered himself onto me, his cock nudging at my thigh.
“Yeah,” I said, shoving at his shoulders to no avail. “I’m not one of your minions—pussy at your beck and call. No condom, no fuck.”
He hovered his lips over mine and kind of growled.
I swallowed and tried to press my thighs together. But it was pointless, he was between them, the tip of his erection now touching my pussy. “Please,” I gasped.
He reared back onto his knees and reached for the condom. “Damn things never fit.”
“Show off,” I said, relief flooding through me.
One side of his mouth tilted in that sexy half-grin of his as he tore the wrapper. He held his cock and smoothed the clear latex over it—he was right, it was a tight fit.
“Happy now?” he asked. He moved over me again, his arms locked straight and his cock arrowed at my cunt.
I widened my legs to accommodate his big bulk. “I will be once you stop talking and start walking the walk.”
“Oh, I can do more than walk the walk,” he said. “You’d better hang on.”
I slid my hands over his shoulders and curled my legs around his thighs. My pussy was wet and open for him and he nudged in, found purchase then thrust. He tunnelled to full depth, barging past all resistance and seating himself to the hilt.
I cried out, pain and pleasure skirting together. It had been so long, and fuck, he was big. My pussy spasmed around him, gripping and gripping some more, and my body tensed and trembled.
“Ah, yeah, fucking hell, you’re like a damn virgin,” he moaned, staring at me.
“It’s been a while,” I managed.
“I’m worth the wait.” He dropped down and kissed me, his mouth hungry and wild and his abrasive stubble heating my skin.

Burning Rubber is available from Totally BoundAmazonAmazon UKARe and all other good ebook retailers.

Back Cover Information…

When trouble rides into town, what girl can resist the ultimate bad boy?

Handling men isn’t an issue for me. I’m not a girly girl and my best friends are the machines I spend my days fixing, tweaking and servicing. So when the Wild Angels roll onto my forecourt and need my help, I’m happy to be of assistance.

But I’ve always been a magnet for trouble and when the leader of the pack, Gid, questions my ability, I can’t help the sassy backchat. Seems it doesn’t bother him too much and before I know it, I’m climbing onto his beast and hanging on for the ride.

Bad ass guys like him don’t come without baggage, though, and it seems he wants to get rid of mine. Who am I to complain when it means revenge is hot, his body is hotter and we leave a trail of burning rubber as we head into the sunset? Biker girl, me? I guess it’s in the blood.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene involving mild breath play.

Publisher's Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Wild Angels anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

One Sexy Night ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS80

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. Yesterday saw the release of the final part of my Caught on Camera Serial - hot, hot MM! It's had great reviews and what's even better is Part One is FREE.

Today's theme is one sexy night, so here's a moment with Reece and Cade when they're off screen...

“Come on. Let’s get soaped up,” Cade said.
“I think it’s going to get dirty, this getting clean business.”
“Oh yeah.” Cade released Reece’s hand, yanked off his boots then started to peel off the jeans and sweater he’d traveled in. “You can count on that.”
Reece toed off his shoes, then tossed his jeans and boxers onto an ornate-backed burgundy chair before adding his navy polo to the pile.
Reece’s cock was hard. It wasn’t from memories of the script or from what he and Cade had done before. He was hard for now—this—a wonderful moment that really was just the two of them.
No audience, no cameras and no hidden agenda. This would just be about pleasure. Pure pleasure.

* * * * *

Caught on Camera has been on tour - find out all the gossip by following the links on this post.

And don't forget to grab Caught on Camera Part One which has recently hit the dizzying #1 spot on Amazon!

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Yesterday saw the release of the final part of my Caught on Camera serial so I'm going to share a snippet from Cade and Reece's time in the BDSM dungeon - Odin's Raven - I hope you enjoy. Oh, and don't forget, Part One is FREE - full details HERE.

Silence descended. It was as if everyone had collectively held their breath.
Then the real hit came. A streak of electric-hot pain seared over his right buttock.
Reece yelled around the gag, his tongue bashing into the ball. Shit, that had really fucking hurt.
Before he’d finished thrashing against his binds another hit came. It speared across the first slash, creating an agonizing cross right over his arse.
His cock heaved. His belly clenched. A wild ringing in his ears blocked out all thought and he felt like he was lifting off the floor, getting higher and higher. Looking down on himself, suspended, hovering on climax, surrendered to not just Cade, but everyone. Everyone here, everyone he’d ever known, everyone he’d ever meet in the future.
Suddenly the vibrating stopped.
Cade removed the plug with a slippery tug.
Almost immediately Reece felt the hot tip of Cade’s cock pushing into him.
He could have wept with relief. It was Cade he needed right now. Nothing else would do.

Caught on Camera has been on tour - find out all the gossip by following the links on this post.

And don't forget to grab Caught on Camera Part One which has recently hit the dizzying #1 spot on Amazon!