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Cover Reveal - IN EXPERT HANDS

Coming 13th of February - my hot new BDSM billionaire novel!

Back cover information

Imogen White has it all—a high-flying career, a prestigious London home and friends she knows will fight her corner. She’s going up, and she’s in control, she’s also got the hots for one very important, very sexy client.

Kane Ward is a self-made billionaire whose determination to be the best of the best has left him alone. He has everything money can buy, yachts, jets, and villas in all four corners of the globe, but even he can’t buy time to suit his needs.

And his needs are very specific, his desires a particular shade of kink and his tastes anything but vanilla. So when he sets his sights on Imogen it’s a given that things are going to get dark, that pleasure will be laced with pain and determining his success will be measured by her blushes and gasps and cries of delight. But Imogen doesn’t need to worry, she’s in expert hands and her every fantasy is about to come trueand then some she’d never imagined in her wildest dreams.

* * * * 

IN EXPERT HANDS has a spin-off short story, IN SAFE HANDS which is featured in the Brit Babes SEXY JUST GOT RICH anthology. Go grab your copy on the 10th of February when it will be available from all good ebook retail outlets (available for pre-order now) and let yourself fall into the dark, erotic world of the Ward brothers – remember to call them Sir if you’re wearing their collar!

Excerpt from IN EXPERT HANDS 

“Would you like a drink?” he asked over the sound of the music.
“I’m okay, unless you want one.”
“No. I drank water after my workout.” He urged her forward. “So shall we go straight into a playroom?”
“If that’s what you want?”
He glanced at his watch. “There should be something going on to satisfy our voyeur plans for the evening.”
They stepped toward the bar.
Kane indicated another doorway at the opposite end that had a chain mail curtain hanging from its frame. “It’s through there.”
“Ah, K. Long time no see.” A man wearing a similar jacket to Kane’s but with only two stars over the breast pocket extended his hand.
He didn’t wear a mask and Imogen could see that his smile was genuine.
“Nate, how have you been?” Kane took his hand and they shook.
“Great, been in the City for a few weeks on business. Making the most of my free time by coming here most nights.” Nate turned to Imogen and raised his eyebrows. “You have company.”
“Don’t look so surprised.” Kane squeezed Imogen a little closer.
“I am. You don’t usually bring guests. Special occasion?”
Imogen felt Kane tense. She sensed he wasn’t enjoying having his break from the ordinary commented on. “
No occasion,” Kane said. “Good to see you, Nate, perhaps we’ll get chance to catch up later.”
“Yep. That would be cool.” Nate held up what appeared to be a glass of fizzy water and nodded. He kept his attention on Imogen. “Enjoy your evening here at Sup Space. I’m sure Master K will address your every need.”
“Thank you.” Imogen smiled then felt her cheeks heat as Nate swept his gaze down her bodystarting at the collar, then lingering on her breasts and finally on her boots.
Kane stepped forward, tugging her with him. “This way.”
After several paces she touched the collar. “This, around my neck,” she said quietly. “What would happen if I wasn’t wearing it?”
“It would make you fair bait for men like Nate, who are just out to play in a scene, find someone to hook up with.” He glanced at her. “He had no right to look at you like that.”
“Well, the outfit kind of screams look at me.”
“That’s not the point.”
“Oh.” She was confused. “It’s not?”
“No. You’re with me. I’ve claimed you with a collar. What’s more, I outrank him. He should show more respect.”
“You outrank him?”
“Of course.” He pulled back the chain curtain and opened a door. He ushered Imogen into the new room.
Imogen opened her mouth and stared around, thoughts of Nate vanishing.
Kane moved her from the doorway and into the shadows. He stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist
“What are your first impressions?” he asked by her ear, his lips brushing her lobe and his breath heating a trail down her neck.
She leant back into him, loving being so close, held by him. But she couldn’t concentrate fully on his embrace because of what was before her. “It’s…sexy.”
“Mmm, I’m glad you think so,” he said, the soft material of his mask rubbing against her temple. “What else?”
She looked around. The room was sectioned into six large cubicles, each one decorated in dark tones and with a combination of low lights and spotlights. Each three-walled area held a bed or a table or some other piece of equipment in the center. Three spaces were occupied.
There was an audience, too, couples, singles, threesomes sitting on more large sofas. Imogen could only see the backs of their heads. Some appeared enraptured, others holding quiet conversations.
“Tell me,” Kane urged, slipping his hand over the smooth material covering her waist. “What do you think about that, over there, to your left.”
Imogen was already staring in that direction. It had been the main thing that had captured her attention.
A naked woman was bent double, tied to a skinny padded table with her ankles fastened to the legs and her arms stretched out on two platforms, crucifix-like. Her skin was pale except for her behind, which was scarlet.
Beside her stood a mandressed like Kane in black trousers and a velvet jacketwielding a flogger. He walked around the woman as if surveying the marks on her ass then cracked down the many strands over her skin.
Imogen jerked and a tingle traveled over her buttocks, as though her nerves were empathetic with what the woman on the table was going through.
The man hit again.
The woman groaned and moved her head, her face coming into Imogen’s view. She had her eyes screwed up tight and her lips were parted. There was a flush of red on her cheeks that matched the rosy blush on her backside.
“Talk to me,” Kane said softly.
“Is she enjoying it?” Imogen asked, although she was pretty sure she knew the answer. The woman appeared to be in ecstasy, as though she’d folded in on herself and only her body and sensation existed.
“Very much so,” Kane said. “Master Zen is very capable of working his sub towards orgasm just through striking her.”
“Are they just…playing a scene or are they…?”
“Lovers, committed to each other? Yes, actually those two are. They’re regulars here and live the lifestyle.”
“The lifestyle?”
“Yes.” He slid his hand to her collar and spanned it with his thumb and fingers. “They live full time as Dom and sub. He commands and she obeys.”
“It sounds…old-fashioned.” Imogen wasn’t sure about the obeying thing. She’d known friends who’d purposely had that removed from their wedding vows.
“It’s a symbiotic relationship,” Kane went on, smoothing his fingers around her collar and brushing her skin.
A small shiver ran down Imogen’s spine.
The woman was struck againseveral times in fast succession.
Imogen stared at the spectacle.
“You see,” Kane said. “She needs to be adored, cared for, taken through life by the man she loves. He needs to protect her, satisfy her, ensure that everything is perfect for her at all times. That is what makes him feel complete.”
“And that includes this. Beating?”
“Beating, spanking, flogging, whatever you want to call it, yes, it includes this, because that’s what they both enjoy, it’s their thing. It’s their kink.”
Kane went quiet and Imogen watched as Master Zen stood directly behind his sub. He appeared to fiddle at his groin then his pants loosened around his hips. He pushed forward.
The woman arched her back and her cry echoed around the room.
He reached for her shoulders, dragged her onto him.
“He’s…” Imogen said.
“Yes. He’s clearly very pleased with her. She’d getting exactly what she wants tonight.” Kane’s voice was low and husky, as though the sight was turning him on.
Imogen watched, fascinated as the Dom began to fuck his woman with urgency. The sub couldn’t move, she was strapped down, but he was moving for them. Thrusting in and out, hard, frantic, gripping her shoulders, her hair, her hips. His hands were all over her.
Imogen’s knickers dampened and she shifted within Kane’s arms.
“Would you like to get fucked like that?” Kane whispered.
Imogen half turned to him, his words a shock, despite where they were and what they were watching.
“Tell me,” he said, cupping her cheek and her holding face. “Tell me what you’re thinking?”
“I…” Imogen was breathing heavily. Fuck. What was she thinking? That she wanted to get fucked like that? She wanted to feel the flogger?
“Would you like to be her, on that table, with Master Zen taking you to the exquisite high she is rocketing towards right now?” Kane asked. “Red and sore, filled to the max? Nothing else in your mind except claiming that pleasure?”
She did, but it wasn’t Master Zen she wanted behind her, yanking her hair, scratching and marking her skin. Sinking deep, so deep. Filling her to bursting point.
It was Kane, or K as he was known here. It was him she wanted.
“Imogen,” Kane murmured, his mouth almost touching hers. “Talk to me.”
“Yes.” The word scratched from her throat. “But
He pressed his thumb over her lips, flattening them against her teeth. “No buts. Or if there are, tell me later.” He gave a brief smile. “Yes is enough.”

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My Sexy Saturday@MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, this week we're chatting about our thoughts when with a loved one. My few lines are taken from my story IN SAFE HANDS which features in SEXY JUST GOT RICH, a Brit Babes anthology due for release on the 10th of February - but available for pre-order.

Sexy Just Got Rich showcases the Babes unique take on sexy, BDSM loving billionaires who know what they want and take it. It's kinky, spicy, seductive and there's something for everyone.

Here's the line up…

Tabitha Rayne—Champagne and Tits

Lexie Bay—Sophie’s Secret

Kay Jaybee—The Chase

Victoria Blisse —Wallflower

Kay Jaybee—Words of the Marquis

Natalie Dae—Come Find Me

Tabitha Rayne—White Rabbit—The Switch

Lucy Felthouse—The Next Big Thing

Kay Jaybee—Great Expectations

K D Grace—Buying the Farm

Tabitha Rayne—You Said

Lily Harlem—In Safe Hands

Harlem Dae—Confetti and Collars

Excerpt from In Safe Hands (A spin-off from In Expert Hands which is due for release on 13th February).

Marie is a maid who has a very unusual relationship with the owner of this particular penthouse in New York City…

* * *

Marie stared at the bright red stilettos she wore. She crossed her legs and bounced the toe of the right shoe in a sharp jig towards the huge window. Outside, the sun was slipping from its lofty position, its light touching the top of a tall building and spreading shards of hot-gold and fire-orange over the skyscraper windows.
She wriggled. The cool leather of the brown chair was soft against the skin on her shoulders, back and legs. She curled her hands around the ends of the arms and tapped her fingers.
Soon he’d be here.
Soon the door would open and shut with a soft click and the sounds of his shoes clicking across the hallway would make her heart trip and her nipples spike at her new bra.
She uncrossed and crossed her legs. Checked the lace at the front of her new panties to ensure it was smooth. It was. Of course it was. She’d carefully shaved her pussy for this occasion. He’d mentioned last week that he liked hairless, so she’d thought it would be an extra treat for his birthday. As it happened, it was quite a treat for her too—it felt wonderful.
She licked her lips and wondered if she should nip to the bathroom and apply another squirt of perfume. Maybe add another sheen of lip gloss too. But what if he arrived as she was doing it? That would spoil the moment. She wanted to be sitting in the spanking chair, staring out, when he got home. It was the way she’d imagined it. The way she’d fantasised about it.
The wail of a siren, many storeys below, filtered up to the apartment. As it faded, Marie heard the door click once, then twice.
He was here.
She swallowed. Her belly tightened. She clenched her internal muscles.
His keys rattled in the ceramic bowl against hers.
His shoes clacked in a slow, controlled way across the oak flooring. Rhythmic and steady, he came closer and closer still.
Marie held her breath. Hoped the red wasn’t a mistake. He did like red, didn’t he? She hadn’t pushed further than she should, had she? No. They’d done all sorts of kinky things together. Him arriving home and finding her in his chair wearing only underwear was tame in comparison.
She sensed he’d stopped right behind her.
He didn’t speak, but she could hear his breaths and smell his cologne.
“Happy birthday,” she said quietly.
“How did you know?” he asked.
God, his voice. The deep, sexy way he spoke, and that English accent to boot. It made her insides flutter and her thighs tense.
“It was on the calendar. In the kitchen.”
“Ahh, I see.”
“I got you something.” She pushed up from the chair, her knees a little weak and her stomach doing somersaults. It was always that way when she saw him for the first time on a Friday, but this, the underwear, his birthday…
She turned to face him, holding her belly in and puffing up her chest. He adored her curves and full round breasts, he’d told her often enough. “I’m afraid it won’t take much unwrapping.” She smiled and tried to look more confident than she felt.
He surveyed her and the right side of his mouth twitched into a half smile. “What if I’d brought clients back?”
“You never have before.” She placed her hand on her waist and cocked her hips.
He shot out his tongue and swiped it over his bottom lip. He was trying to look cool, unmoved by her standing there like that, but Marie knew if she cupped his groin his cock would be hard and straining at his suit pants.
He took a step back and took off his suit jacket, revealing a pristine white shirt. After tossing the jacket to one side, he undid the cuffs on the shirt. Very slowly, agonisingly slowly, he rolled them up, each one receiving three precise turns.
Marie stared at his strong forearms and wide, hair-coated wrists. She studied the way his slim navy tie moved just a little with his actions.
He pointed at the sofa. “Over there. Now.”

Release date 10th February 2015 - pre-order available from

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankers - here's 8 from The Novice which is currently FREE on Amazon and has more spankings than you can shake a stick at!  chink-chink!

“Sometimes I frig myself off just thinking about The Harlequin’s tits. They’re so big and soft, the nipples so sensitive.” As I’d spoken I stroked his back, tapping my fingers down his spine. “Can you imagine what it would be like to put your dick between them, Victor? Use those big, warm pillows to wank with? Perhaps you’d like to watch me masturbating at the same time. Would you like that?”
“Yes, Mistress.” No hesitation.
“And then when you came, it would hit the mask, wouldn’t it? Your cum would fly into those pretty white feathers she's wearing, making them sticky and matted. How would that make you feel?”
He didn’t answer. I slapped his arse, hard, each cheek.
He jolted forwards.
My palm tingled.
“This is what’s going to happen,” I said sternly. “While you watch the show, you’re going to imagine yourself screwing The Harlequin. Not boring old missionary, something kinky, anal perhaps, if that’s your secret thing. And I’m going to make your arse a wonderful bright red.”
“You’re, you’re going to spank me…Mistress?”
“Yes, because quite honestly, Victor, you deserve it. After standing me up last night, not using the plug when I told you to, and then all that skiving and sending dirty emails when you should have been working, you really do need to take your punishment.” I leaned closer so my lips caressed his earlobe. “You’ve been bad. Really bad, and for that you must take the consequences, but…I’m pretty damn sure it will get you off.”

Grab yourself a copy of The Novice from Amazon, book #1 in the Sexy as Hell Trilogy and hang on for the ride!

Sexy as Hell

Sexy as Hell is an erotic trilogy that will submerge you into the black heart of a world of bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. 

Dare to take this twisting journey with Victor and you’ll learn the ropes with him, experience every carnal sensation and fall into a dark and dangerous love that grips like a fist and binds like a collar. 

Get to know Zara, his sultry teacher, and you’ll gasp when she doles out her sinful instructions but then delight in the stunning results she not only demands but achieves. It seems Heaven and Hell are not so far apart when she holds the reins. 

Victor has his layers peeled back, but when he does the same to try to get to his Vixen’s core, a revelation appears. Because Zara is a woman whose vast sexual experience is both her strength and her weakness; she can inflict pain and pleasure, make lusty demands and instruct, but she needs so much more, she needs… 

Yes, the time has come to for her to admit to her needs and confess to the repairing her soul hungers for. A sea of memories, a lifetime of control requires an acknowledgement that will cut through her barriers, and there’s only one man up for the job—her virgin, her student, her newly trained monster, Victor Partridge. 

Please note, in order to enjoy Victor and Zara’s adventures, the trilogy must be read in order and they have been supplied as such within the Sexy as Hell Box Set. Also included in this box set are three spin-off stories to satisfy your curiosity about the colourful secondary characters. 

Praise for Sexy as Hell 

Long and Short Reviews - 5* - "An amazing trilogy, I’d recommend this series to anyone wanting a deeply complex, incredibly intense read. These authors write everything with style, care and such talent I’m pleased to have these additions on my shelves and know I’ll read them again in the future. Not a comfortable book (or series), this nevertheless balances perfectly between too much and not quite enough. I can’t imagine anyone reading it and not wanting more, so amazing is the mix of characters, plot, kink and emotion. A marvelous read that took me to dizzying highs and terrifying lows and a series I can strongly recommend to everyone willing to step on board for the ride of a lifetime. "

EFA -" If you’re looking for a bit of light slap-and-tickle, this isn’t it…If you’re looking for some superbly well-written and dark BDSM erotica, you should check out Sexy as Hell. You won’t forget it in a hurry. "

Reader reviews 

" I absolutely loved this book, it was by far better than the 50 Shades of Grey." 

" I cannot express just how much this story touched me. I've read many erotic novels and BDSM books but these ones are by far my favourites and I have recommended them to everyone I know." 

"This writing duo both got me vested in the characters and made me think. They made me curious, and made me question. What they made me question is for me, just as it will be for other readers, it will be personal to them. I cannot wait to find out where Victor and Zara end up. I also want to read more from these authors! Enjoy this trek thru the psyche of not one but two main characters in this trilogy!" 

"The best erotic trilogy I have ever read! FSOG and Crossfire series have nothing on these books. If you like your books a bit edgier then you should read these. I could not put them down! Lots and lots of hotness but also a love story. I loved the style of writing, seen from both characters emotions. All I can say is read and enjoy!" 

The Novice - FREE

Sexy as Hell (Contains the trilogy plus three bonus spin-off stories)

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I was recently having a conversation with a few fellow authors about the importance of location in our novels, and specifically whether it was necessary, as a writer, to have visited the place you decide to set your story in. The verdict was fifty/fifty, some thought it was vital to travel, research and absorb the atmosphere of a setting before it became the backdrop of a plot, and others felt imagination along with some online research was sufficient.

I guess I can see both points of view. Having over fifty stories published, over half of these novels, I decided to tot up how many I’d set in places I’d actually visited. It worked out like this…

Stories set in places I’d lived in, visited frequently or holidayed in – 37
Stories set in places I’d never travelled to  - 13

This was an interesting discovery and certainly something I hadn’t thought to work out before. I live in the UK and the majority of my stories are set here, many in London as it’s somewhere I lived for a while. London is also incredibly diverse for an author. I’ve used it to set wonderfully romantic scenes around beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral. I’ve also used seedier back streets for dark liaisons, and the big hospitals for a couple of medical orientated novels (I used to be a trauma nurse). The eclectic mix of restaurants, wonderfully atmospheric old-world pubs and the gorgeous parks have also sneaked into the pages of my work.

I've even been involved in a UK exclusive boxed set - Brit Boys: On Boys, which is all British characters and British locations. My story The Chase is set in Cardiff, a city I know well.

The next most common place I’ve set my novels is the USA. No surprise as I’ve been visiting the US since I was a child, to spend time with family and to enjoy the big cities. New York has appeared in several books and like London can be used to create glamour and excitement and also dark danger, depending on the plot. Florida is a popular one for me, mainly because I have a series set here and holidayed in Orlando several times.

Then there is Las Vegas, which is the setting for my new M/M serial, Caught on Camera, just out at Totally Bound. I adored Las Vegas when I visited several years ago. The memory of the heat in particular stayed with me. It was such a dry, dessert heat like nothing I’d ever come across before, a detail which was great to add into my prose and I spent ages finding just the right descriptions for it. Also the fact the place never seemed to stop, I enjoyed using this fact from my memory, it meant the times could shift in my plot line, it didn’t matter if it was day or night, Las Vegas kept on buzzing. We stayed at The Luxor and I remember being fascinated by the ‘inclinators’ – because of the pyramid design of the building, the elevators run on a slant. That’s the kind of detail that’s fun to add into a story because if you hadn’t been there you wouldn’t know about it, also it makes the reader feel like they’ve been there, and maybe, if they’ve never visited but get the chance, they’ll remember that snippet of information from my book.

So what about places I’ve used that I’ve never travelled to? I’m thinking now I might make it a mission to go to these locations and see how well I did in my descriptions. I’ve got India, Finland, the Canadian Rockies, The Caribbean, Moscow and the wild forests of Northern Russia. Then there is Eastern Europe, South Dakota and Nepal. Wow, that would be some trip!

The internet is revolutionary for authors when it comes to finding information. When writing about South Dakota for my M/F biker book Burning Rubber I used a Google image search to get some inspiration for the landscape and the sky and the buildings. Scanning a range of photographs helped me create a picture in my head of where I wanted my Wild Angel bikers to be. I honestly can’t think what I’d do without all this global information at my fingertips, it would be easy to take it for granted but I’m constantly grateful. Gone are the days I used to have to go to the library or use my parents’ collection of Britannica Encyclopedias.

I’m talking about contemporary stories here, and of course authors of sci-fi, historical and fantasy have to draw on their imagination to greater degrees though I’d be interested to find out how much of real places they put into their stories, perhaps stealing an aspect from one place and adding it to a feature of another. Twisting, contorting and stacking locations together in their minds.

One thing is for sure, I’ll continue to enjoy setting my stories in cities and countries I’ve been to, and strive to visit more. It’s that richness of experience that continually adds to a writer’s library of locations, and I for one, always find that travelling is completely inspiring and I come back itching to write whatever new story I’ve dreamed up while away.

Thanks for reading.

Lily x

5 part serial. Part One FREE from Totally Bound

LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION. The life of an international porn star might be glamorous, satisfying and well paid but it’s also hard work – very hard – in every sense of the word.

So it’s just as well Reece Carter is up for the job and has the sexiest co-star imaginable Cade Davenport. They’re the hot new stars of GP Productions latest blockbuster Slippery Slots set in Las Vegas and they can’t wait to get naked and get started.

With scripts to learn, wardrobe to contend with and a whole host of new experiences to look forward to Reece takes the bull by the horns and jumps on for the ride. What he doesn’t bargain on, though, is finding love alongside his fat pay cheque.

But is the feeling mutual? And what happens when a cowboy, a box of unusual props and a trip to a BDSM dungeon gets thrown into the scene?

Can Reece handle the heat? Is he really capable of performing before an audience? And will Cade be there when he needs him most?