Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Sexy Encounter ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS127

It's Sexy Saturday time again!

This week the theme is a sexy encounter so here's a few from  my new novel Accelerated Passion. Dean and Frankie have only just met, they haven't gotten off to a great start but already the heat is reaching boiling point between them.

“Why? What would you have done?” She paused and put her hands on his chest, pushed at him. He didn’t move. “Let me out.”
“You want to know what I would have done to a rookie mechanic who thought he could fuck up my ritual?”
I’m no goddamn rookie. “Yes.”
“I’d have kicked his sorry ass. He might have gotten a black eye out of the deal, too.”
She tilted her chin. “So kick my ass. Blacken my eye. I don’t want to be treated differently because I’m female.”
His mouth twisted. “Yeah, right. I’m really into beating up women.”
“Just holding them hostage.” She pushed again. “Move.”
He didn’t budge. It was like having a slab of concrete in front of her.
He lowered his head.
She froze.
His nose was almost touching hers. His breaths washed over her lips.
Her stomach did a strange flip and sent butterflies around her body. The look in his eyes, it was so intense, so wild, so damn sexy. Fuck, to have him looking at her like that if they were naked, alone, about to get carnal...
“Frankie,” he whispered.
“Don’t fucking do it again.”
He pushed back from the wall and turned.
Within a second she was alone and staring at the door
as, once again, the blind rattled with the force of the slam.

Grab your copy of Accelerated Passion from Amazon, ARe and all other good ebook retailers.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Coming Soon - SPLICED

Due for release on the 14th of February, SPLICED, a shifter series with a difference. Pre-order now from Amazon/Amazon UK and AReIntroductory price of 99c/99p - but not for long!

When scientists mess with the most primitive elements of a man’s core, the results are bound to be explosive.

Living a loveless existence is hard for any shifter, but having DNA spliced with creatures who stand out from the crowd is damn near impossible. Which is why four experimented-on souls decide to break free from the chains that hold them, climb the fences that circle them, and go in search of adventure, passion and most of all, their mates.

But nothing worth having is ever easy, and for Sharkorilla, Pugorilla, Kangorilla and Elephorilla, this is definitely the case. They’ve come to the end of one very long, hard and frustrating road, but now, with the help of men who have big hearts, they must shed their fears, accept their bodies, and be true to the desires that burn within them. The only problem is, will they get away with it?

Please note, Spliced can be enjoyed as individual stories, but reading in order enhances the pleasure as you get to see the progression of the shifter's sexy adventures.

Sharkorilla – Mason has been tasked with the job of helping his fellow shifters escape from the compound. Two techs need his help to ensure the breakout goes smoothly. One of those techs, Brennan, has a thing for Mason—and Mason has a thing for Brennan too.

Once Mason and his three friends are out of the compound, running for their lives across the expanse of the Yorkshire Moors, Mason wonders whether they’ll manage to be free for more than the time it takes to speed farther than a few feet. Freedom—the feeling of it is addictive, and Mason wants more of it. He isn’t prepared to give it up without a fight.

With Brennan by his side, Mason knows he can accomplish anything. There is one burning question, though. Can Mason really accept who he is? Can he learn to love himself as half shark, half gorilla? If he doesn’t, he has a feeling life won’t be all roses, despite being free of the compound.

So, he’ll just have to give his new life his best shot, won’t he?

Pugorilla - After being created in a lab, his DNA spliced with both canine and primate genes, Dex has spent his entire life locked up. He has always longed to see the outside world and to find lasting love with that one special person—dreams he never thought would come to fruition. Yet when he and his friends discover a plot to kill them all, they have no choice but to plan an escape. A life outside the walls of their compound is everything that Dex has ever hoped for, but there’s only one problem—James, a lab technician who Dex can’t seem to get out of his heart or head.

Kangorilla – Joey has it tough. Not only has he been spliced with a kangaroo and a gorilla, he’s also been brought to the other side of the world. Feeling exploited, desperate and wishing he had love, companionship and acceptance, he takes the risk of leaving the compound in the search of happiness. But will he find it? Or has the person he’s drawn to got other ideas? It certainly seems that way as the temperature goes from boiling hot to downright frosty.

Elephorilla - George hates change, but when his only two options are death or escape, he runs away with his friends into the unknown. Will he be able to find not only a new life, but a new love?

Want to know more about how SPLICED was dreamed up? Check out the Brit Babes blog where I'm revealing all!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Out Now - The Collared Collection, a two-novel boxed set by K D Grace and Kay Jaybee #erotica #kink #ku #kindleunlimited

The Collared Collection is a two-novel boxed set from the pens of multi-award winning erotica writers, K D Grace and Kay Jaybee.


In The Pet Shop by K D Grace, in appreciation for a job well done, Stella James's boss sends her a pet, a human pet. The mischievous Tino comes straight from The Pet Shop complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, it's extremely addicting. Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, Vincent Evanston, who looks like Tino, but couldn't be more different, Stella is drawn into the secret world of The Pet Shop. As her animal lust awakens, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the more dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences. 

In the Voyeur by Kay Jaybee, wealthy businessman and committed voyeur, Mark Parker, has a list of 13 fantasies he is intent on turning into reality. Travelling between his London flat, his plush Oxfordshire mansion, and Discreet, his favourite BDSM club; Mark is helped to realise his imaginatively dark erotic desires by two loyal members of his staff - his personal assistant, Anya Grant, and his housekeeper, Clara Hooper. 

Upon the backs of his willing slaves, Mark has written out his fantasy list in thick red pen. Only Fantasy 12 awaits the tick of completion against their flesh before Mark's ultimate fantasy, Fantasy 13, can take place. But have the girls performed well enough to succeed in the final challenge? And what hold does Bridge's gentleman's club, Anya's previous employer and a place she was delighted to escape from, have over Mark? 

In order to find out, the girls are going to have to face some of the fantasies they thought they had left behind them all over again.

Extract from The Pet Shop-

Wet and cold, Stella was trembling hard enough that is was an effort not to spill the cocoa. ‘You’re Tino, aren’t you?’ She spoke between chattering teeth.
His back stiffened slightly, then relaxed again as he continued to dig through his pack. ‘I’m Vincent.’
She sat the cup down next to her and chafed her arms. ‘I know you’re Vincent, Vincent Evanston, but you’re Tino. I mean he’s you, isn’t he?’
He turned on her quickly and grabbed her shoulders so that she feared he would shake her. Instead he began to chafe her arms, his dark eyes locked on hers. ‘I told you, Tino’s not here.’
‘But I — ’
He swallowed up her words in an open-mouth kiss, taking her breath away, taking away her ability to think with the heat of it, the expressive depth of it. He bit her lip as he pulled back, still holding her gaze. ‘Tino’s not here,’ he repeated. His voice held the tiniest edge of warning.

Extract from The Voyeur

Reclining in his chair, Mark raised his arm as if he was about to start a race, and gave the first order. ‘Strip.’
With practice born of repetition, the women divested themselves of their clothing, heaping their discarded garments onto the bed behind them.
Mark took a moment to study his staff, and then pointed to the foot of the four-poster bed. Understanding the unspoken request, the women stood, face to face, one metre apart.
Anya could feel her heart rate quicken further as she regarded Clara. It didn’t matter that she had enjoyed the feel of Clara’s skin a hundred times before; all that mattered was feeling it again, and soon...

Bio - K D Grace
When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She also enjoys martial arts, reading, watching the birds and anything that gets her outdoors.
K D has erotica published with SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace,Sweetmeats Press and others.
K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, Fulfilling the Contract, To Rome with Lust, and The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Witches trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.
K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, The Exhibition, Interviewing Wade are all available.

Find K D Here:                                                                  

Bio- Kay Jaybee

Kay Jaybee was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO.
Kay received an honouree mention at the NLA Awards 2015 for excellence in BDSM writing.
Kay Jaybee wrote The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat, Knowing Her Place, Xcite 2011-14), The New Room, (Xcite, 2015), The Voyeur, (Xcite 2012), Making Him Wait (Sweetmeats, 2012), A Sticky Situation (Xcite, 2013), Digging Deep, (Xcite 2013), Take Control, (1001 NightsPress, 2014), and Not Her Type (1001 NightsPress, 2013.
Details of all her short stories and other publications can be found at 
You can follow Kay on -
Facebook -
Kay also writes contemporary romance as Jenny Kane – 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sangria, Spain and Threesomes!

My latest release Heat of the Day is set in beautiful Spain, if you fancy a glass of Sangria to go with this sexy menage a trois story, this is how I make it...

3 parts red wine
1 part orange juice
2 parts lemonade
fresh mint
sliced fruit such as oranges and lemons

Preparation method
Mix all the ingredients together in a large jug and add more red wine, orange juice or lemonade according to taste and desired strength. 
Pour into glasses, garnish with mint sprigs and fruit.

Grab your copy from Amazon and all other good ebook retailers.

Monday, 1 February 2016

OUT NOW - Accelerated Passion

When speed and seduction combine, sparks are sure to fly.

Some girls enjoy makeup, low-cut dresses, and bedding famous men. Not me. I’m happiest in my oily overalls, with my hands in an engine, chatting with the guys on my team about aerodynamics and wing position.

So when infamous Formula One champion, Dean Cudditch, comes into my life, I’m content to leave him to his lothario ways. Dean seems on top of the world when draped with adoring female fans, and I refuse to be another of the champ’s conquests.

However, as I get to know the real Dean Cudditch, I begin to see a softer side to him that makes him all the sexier. My resolve crumbles when he admits that it’s my mechanical mind and engineering know-how that turn him on. Before I know it, I’m racing down the fast lane of seduction, passion, and lust. One thing is for sure: when Dean is behind the wheel, it’s going to be one hot ride.

Grab your copy from ARe, Amazon and all other good ebook retailers!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sunday Snog

It's Sunday Snog time - this week a sexy kiss from my new novel Accelerated Passion which hits the shelves tomorrow.....

Frankie shook her head. “No. I...”
“You feel it, too. I know you do. Between us.” Dean tugged her a little closer. Their knees touched. “There’s a connection of minds.”
Fuck minds. What about his eyes? If ever she’d seen come-to-bed eyes, Dean Cudditch had them. It would be so easy to strip and get sweaty and dirty with him. Take some much-needed satisfaction from his sexy, hard, and toned body.
She glanced at the door again.
“Don’t go,” he said in such a husky tone, her belly clenched and a pulse of arousal shot to her clit.
“Stay...with me.” He ran his hand up to her elbow. “Please.”
“But...” She was running out of arguments even in her own head.
He pushed his other hand through her hair and clasped the back of her neck, drew her nearer so their noses were just a whisper apart.
His touch, the feel of him against her skin. Like earlier, at the pits, when he’d kissed her. It made rational thought fly out of the window. Everything, everyone, the universe, it all faded into the distance—somewhere so distant she didn’t even know if it existed any more.
“Frankie,” he murmured. “Stay.”
He pressed his lips to hers. Unlike at the track, it was a soft, gentle kiss even though his hold on her was once again firm and determined.
She fluttered her eyes shut. Loving the feel of his mouth covering hers, the texture of his lips, the slight scrape of his stubble on her chin.
He slanted his head, deepened the kiss, and touched his tongue to hers.
She tried to hold in a small moan of desire but it eased from her throat and into her mouth.
The sound seemed to spur Dean on, and he released her wrist and wrapped his arm around her waist.
Next thing she knew, she was on the soft bed, still being kissed. The weight of him, half over her, pressing on her, made her nipples tighten and her body arch toward him.
Was this really happening? Damn it, the reality was better than any dream.
She slid her hand over his shoulders, absorbing the heat of him, learning the contours of his back and smoothing down the gutter of his spine.
“You taste so sweet,” he murmured then resumed kissing her in a way that told her he had no intention of stopping anytime soon.
She sighed into it and ran her hand over his hair. It was sharp on the upstroke, smooth when she stroked downward to his neck.
He was busy with his hands, too. He undid the belt on her robe and pushed the material aside, exposing her vest top and a tiny pair of white knickers.
He broke the kiss and glanced down. “Fuck, you’re something else.”
She followed his line of sight. Her nipples were poking at the material of her top and her flat stomach slightly exposed. The color of her underwear made her skin look more tanned than it was.
“I’ve been thinking about doing this,” he whispered then kissed over her cheek and down the column of her neck.
“Mmm...” She bent her right leg and pressed it against his thigh. The feel of his jeans on her bare flesh turned her on all the more. “Dean.”
“Frankie,” he murmured, slipping his hand beneath her top. He slid upward and cupped her breast.
She wasn’t a big-chested girl but very sensitive. She pushed into his touch, wanting more.
He trapped her nipple between his fingers then ducked. Through the cotton, he sucked the hard peak.
“Oh, yeah...” She gasped and squirmed.
He switched attention to the other breast and suckled that one.
The heat of his mouth, the pinch of his fingers was like a hotwire to her pussy. She was getting damp, arousal generating a pulsing sensation in her clit.
Dean slithered down the bed, kissing her as he went. He dipped his tongue into her navel.
She pressed her head into the pillow, clasped him over the ears. Drew her legs up and around his wide body.
“Relax,” he murmured, his breath hot on her skin. “And enjoy.” As he’d spoken, he’d gripped the waistband of her panties. He tugged them down and off.
She was aware of cool air on her hot pussy. He was between her legs, spreading her thighs wide.
Again, she looked at him.
He was half on, half off the bed. His focus on her most intimate folds. He was still dressed, yet she was practically naked, bared open, wet, panting for it.
What the hell was she doing?
A bolt of panic shot through her. Her heart did a weird flip, and her ears rung.
She couldn’t do this.
He’d placed his hands on her inner thighs, was leaning in, clearly planning on tasting her, working on her with his mouth and tongue.
She scooted upward and clamped her legs together, giving him a whack on the shoulder with her foot as she did so.
“Frankie?” he said, surprise flashing over his face. “What—?”
“I can’t. I can’t, okay?” She dragged her robe closed, covering her nakedness and the damp patches on her breasts.
“But... I thought you wanted to.” He stroked his palm over her shin
“I do. I did, but you’re the driver, and I’m a mechanic. It’s not right.”

Of course Frankie can't resist Dean for long, who could? To read the whole novel grab it from Amazon, Amazon UK and ARe - also available for pre-order.